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Edita Stankeviciute, Lithuania

Edita was born in 1969 in Lithuania. She graduated with distinction from the Lithuanian State Conservatoire in Vilnius. Following graduation, she was appointed to the teaching staff of the Lithuanian State Conservatoire and subsequently became Professor of Piano (solo and accompaniment) and embarked upon a successful teaching career. In addition, her concerts and broadcasts throughout the former USSR enhanced her already outstanding reputation as a performer.

In 1995, due to issues with her health, Edita dedicated her career to teaching, receiving wide recognition. As chief music specialist of the Department of Culture in Lithuania, she organised and directed special musical events and recitals. She has regularly served as a competition adjudicator and received special acknowledgements for her masterclasses across Europe and her outstanding work in developing a curriculum for students at different stages of their piano studies. She has also worked as the Piano Lecturer at the Department of Music, Vilnius Pedagogical Institute.

In 2008, Edita founded the Windsor Piano School. Her students are regular prize-winners in the UK and abroad, including the Chopin International Piano Competition in Hartford, USA; 5th International Rosario Marciano Competition, Vienna; Emanuel Trophies Competition, UK; XVI Nutcracker International Music Competition, Russia; EPTA International Piano Competition, Croatia; Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition and others. Recently, one of Edita’s students reached the BBC Young Musician of the Year 2016 Category Finals. Edita is currently a Visiting Professor at the A. Toscanini Conservatoire, Ribera, and Bellini Conservatoire, Palermo, Sicily.


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